DIE MY DEMON “same world different eyes” 7″ VINYL


Die My Demon is a 90’s East Coast style hardcore band from Dendermonde/ Gent, Belgium; who started out as a side-project of DMD’s 4-piece Sad Origin back in 1999.
Eventually, early 2014, Pier, a close friend to the band for many years, managed to bring the band together for another local reunion show in April 2014. Never knowing that Ali, Serge, Christophe and Dennis, with an average age of close to 40 now, would find their groove and that DMD would turn out to be more alive than ever before. After that performance Die My Demon started to work on new stuff and wrote a bunch of songs, the best out of it was released on FWH records as a 4 song EP entiteled “Same World Different Eyes”.
For “Same world different eyes” DIE MY DEMON entered the CCR Studios and recorded 4 new tunes with Kris Belaen (ABORTED, AMENRA, RISE AND FALL).

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