SLOPE “street heat” 12″ VINYL (#200 Orange/Black Splatter)



„Street Heat“ is a concentrated cocktail of immens creativity, musical sublimity and reaches the goal to create something new and interesting in the best fucking way. An explosive bundle of harsh and funky tunes that make you smile and insane at the same time. Recorded & Produced by no one else than Dominic Paraskevopoulos at Level 3 Studios.
This is the sponge that sucked up the gutter.

Pressing Info:
– 180g Vinyl in a 4mm Spine Cover
– 8 Page Booklet
– Download Code
– Handnumbered

100x Turquoise/Black Colour In Colour – SOLD OUT
100x Black/Turquoise Splatter (CoreTex Records) – SOLD OUT
200x Orange/Black Splatter (Various Retail Outlets)
200x Turquoise/Orange Splatter – SOLD OUT
100x Orange/Black Colour In Colour
300x Turquoise/Orange Colour In Colour (BDHW – CoreTex)

1. Upbeat
2. Truth Machine
3. Purple Me
4. Trainsurfing
5. I’m Fine
6. Fluid
7. High Level
8. Skunks
9. Mood Swing 87
10. Power Shift
11. Fuel
12. Wag The Dog

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