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Brutal Heavy Metallic Beatdown Hardcore was what they wanted to bring and this is how they got stuck in everyone’s head. No compromises! Just plain ‘Whatever It Takes’. These boys breath Gym/Bodybuilding , Football/Hooliganism & ‘plain Hardcore mentality’ who like to enjoy the finer things in life. They took a break with the band due to an overkill and ‘daily life’ situations but never split up. In 2013 they decided to get back in the studio. They teamed up again with Filled With Hate Records and the album ‘Chasing the Rush’ got released. This album was a story modus of how some of them lived Football and their surroundings. It got released on the ‘Ieperfest’ and was followed with a huge amount of shows/festivals all over Europe. In 2015 they released a split CD ‘ The Heart Of Champions part II’ with their ‘city’ brothers in ‘Headshot’. This CD got released on ‘Clenched Fist Records’ which they promoted with a European Tour together with ‘back-in-the-day-mates King Of Clubz’ ( USA/Iowa ). For their presence at the Ieperfest 2015 & for the celebration of their 10 years existence, they made a strictly limited split CD (collectors item) with their brothers from overseas in Drowning ( USA/Chicago ). Here we are. 2016! More than 10 years in the game… Teaming up with ‘Beatdown Hardwear Records’, the biggest hardworking European label in the game. They now release ‘Deathblow’ on CD/LP/Digital. 10 Tracks who take us back in history. They recorded at ‘Hearse Studios/Kortrijk’ and mixed and mastered with Manuel Cohnen ( Parabol Studios Germany ). This is brutality in its most extreme hardcore form. Still Hard, still fair & still no compromises were taken! This is Aggression² in its purest form! A war³ against society. An outlet of aggression! Heavy Metallic Beatdown Hardcore. No escape, no surrender. Welcome to the slaughterhouse!



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