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WOLFPACK first saw the light of day in their hometown of Paris in 2012, starting out by the inspirations of hardcore and violent breakdowns, and transitioning to nuances of metalcore.

Stakhanovites at heart, the band gained notoriety through reputed festivals such as IeperFest, Paris Hardcore Fest, Superbowl of Hardcore, plus over 200 concerts in Europe playing with such artists as Lionheart, Ho99o9 and Napalm Death, giving the band the stature to call the European hardcore scene their home.
However, instead of taking their foot off the gas, the band have only one intention; to grow their community and musical prowess, with new releases and more live appearances in the pipeline.

The first fruit to bear from this incessant energy of progression is their new EP, A.D, with it’s mechanical and glacial sound, incorporated with references to the Industrial community such as Godflesh and Fear Factory, whilst still maintaining their main hardcore roots, with the band drawing inspiration from the likes of Knocked Loose, Jesus Piece & Code Orange.


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