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Enemy Mind is a Beatdown/Death Metal band, headed by Andy Kichi (Guitar) and Greenfield Mike (Vocals), which was formed in 2007 in Pittsburgh,PA.

Enemy Mind has 2 previous album releases which are a self-titled release in 2007, and a split release in 2008 with New York band Line of Scrimmage. Both were released independently by the band. Some influences of the band are Suffocation, Deicide, Dying Fetus, Metallica, Irate, and All Out War just to name a few.

Enemy Minds musical style involves heavy and fast groove guitar parts with brutal slow riffs mixed in, metal drumming with double bass, and lower guttural vocals. The original members, Andy, and Mike contribute to most of the bands musical direction. The band has changed lineups a few times over the years, with the current lineup being AJ Worrell (Drums) Andy Kichi (Guitar) Greenfield Mike (Vocals) Joe Ondo (Guitar) and Mark Bogacki (Bass).



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