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MALEVOLENCE, UK hardcore-metal crossover kings will be making their highly anticipated return this spring with their follow up album; SELF SUPREMACY.

In late 2013 Malevolence broke onto the scene with the release of their debut album “Reign Of Suffering”; capturing the attention of the underground with their brutal and eclectic mix of styles from across the metal and hardcore spectrum. The Sheffield 5 piece soon received critical acclaim from alternative publications around the globe, landing them airplay on BBCs Radio 1 and some claiming the CD could be described as a modern classic. Malevolence quickly generated a reputation for infamous live shows, known for provoking violence and insanity across the European club circuit. Their skilfully executed & diverse blend of influences allowed them to transcend the confines of their genre and gave them the versatility to perform within a number of different scenes. Malevolence has successfully completed contrasting support tours with bands ranging from Dying Fetus to Comeback Kid and even commercial events such as the UK’s Download Fest; all without ever compromising the integrity the band was founded upon.

SELF SUPREMACY starts where Malevolence’s previous effort left off; same unique brand of intelligent guitar work, crushing mosh parts and soulful, anger drenched vocals. But now with the unmistakable maturity of a band that has spent years honing their craft. Malevolence are set for a huge 2017 with extensive touring plans and the release of their new CD through Germany’s boutique BDHW records.


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