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What is it like to be in the worst crisis of your life and not to find out? This is not about false friends or wealth problems!
This album is about life slumps, depression, manias and the fight against recurring demons and the spreading of the cold deep within. Raphael, front man of the band, ended up in a mental hospital for several months after his crazy and insane everyday life. His only pastime there was smoking cigarettes and songwriting for this album.
How do you feel when the light at the end of the tunnel is not hope but death? Raphael describes it with his relentlessly honest lyrics. Nothing is glossed over here. Pure aggression, self-doubt and melancholy of a broken person who does not fit into today's society. With their own hardcore sound, Dead End Tragedy release their third album with a clear message:
Against life and against you
Anti Life - Anti You!


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