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Difference stand up ! São Paulo, Brazil stand up ! What they claim and what they are all about! WORST succeeds in every second of it.

They are moving fast forward with their 4th album ‘ Deserto ‘ which was produced, recorded & mixed in São Paulo (by Heros Trench & Rodrigo Oliveira at Dharma Studios) and Mastered in Malmö, Sweden (by Gustav Brunn at GG ALL IN AUDIO). Dealing with lyrics of beating inner demons and screaming them out in their native language portugese and english. Conquering their battles in the deepest desert every day. Their minds & souls at war. The darkside of life. They are the ones you watch on your television everyday on the BBC news. This is heavy, intense but above all.. REAL.

WORST will create that feeling that makes you able to replace yourself in their world. They live it. Expect the hardest & take it all it.
Like a knife in your stomach they will hit you and give their point of view. How they see it. Hardcore.


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