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Prepare to embrace the darkness as CHAVER, the bringgers of unyielding deathmetal / metallic hardcore, unleash their soul-shattering symphonies upon the world. Hailing from Leipzig, Germany, this powerhouse trio is known for their ferocious live performances and an unparalleled heaviness that resonates deep within the core of every listener.

Formed in 2016, CHAVER emerged from the hardcore scene and as time unfurled, they embarked on a fearless exploration, seamlessly incorporating more and more metallic elements into their sound. Now, CHAVER stands as a true powerhouse, a heavily laden deathmetal band that retains its metallic hardcore roots, making them a force to be reckoned with in the extreme metal realm.

Their journey of sonic evolution saw the release of a SPLIT, a 12" EP, the impactful SWAMP EP, and the highly acclaimed debut LP TRANSFERENCE. The band's ceaseless development led to the creation of A CELLAR DOOR which delved into the darkest realms of suffering, showcasing their valiance in experimenting with electronics and industrial effects, creating a haunting symphony of anguish.

When they take the stage, CHAVER's live shows leave audiences breathless. Sharing stages with extreme metal veterans like Sepultura and Dying Fetus, they have honed their performance to a sickening force, captivating crowds with their raw intensity and sheer power.

Continuing their unbending pursuit of musical evolution, CHAVER's latest opus, "OF GLOOM," cements their position in the extreme metal sphere. Delving even deeper into darkness and despair, the album boasts an unforgiving blend of atmospheric deathmetal, delivering a haunting and immersive experience that captivates the senses.

Prepare yourself for a musical odyssey like no other as CHAVER unleashes their next chapter of relentless darkness. Brace for impact and bear witness to the sickening force of CHAVER live – an experience that will resonate in your soul long after the final note fades into the abyss.