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Prepare yourself for an unparalleled journey through the depths of heavy music domination! CHAVER returns with their highly anticipated third album, “Of Gloom,” a groundbreaking opus that redefines the boundaries of modern extreme metal.

Emerging from the crucible of metallic hardcore, CHAVER has undergone a metamorphosis, channeling their unyielding passion into a relentless fusion of deathmetal and metallic hardcore. Brace yourself as “Of Gloom” takes you on an extraordinary sonic odyssey, where haunting atmospheres collide with pulverizing riffs, creating an immersive experience that transcends genres.

Fear not, devoted hardcore fans, for CHAVER has not forsaken their roots. “Of Gloom” embraces the band’s hardcore heritage, infusing it with the intensity and darkness of deathmetal, producing an unparalleled auditory assault that is heavier than ever before.

Through poignant and despairing lyrics, “Of Gloom” delves into the harrowing depths of the human psyche, exploring the shattered spirit of an individual broken by society and relentless trauma. A tale of desperate solitude unfolds, where the protagonist seeks solace in a place of eternal isolation, an allegory for the deepest struggles of depression.

As if chiseled from the very essence of darkness, “Of Gloom” weaves hints of doom, postmetal, blackmetal, and metallic hardcore into its fabric, creating an atmospheric soundscape that captivates the mind and soul.

Released under the prestigious BDHW Records, “Of Gloom” is the harbinger of CHAVER’s ascension from the underground into the very focus of heavy music enthusiasts worldwide. Embrace the darkness, embrace “Of Gloom.” Prepare to be spellbound, shattered, and reborn anew. One of 2023’s most essential albums has arrived, and CHAVER is here to claim their rightful place in your mind.

1. Throne
2. Of Filth
3. Turn To Skeletons
4. Wanderer
5. In The Depths
6. Eternal Night
7. Cries Of Despair
8. Abysmal Maze
9. The Stench Of Decay
10. Everlasting Grief

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