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2014, The 5 head gang was founded in Duisburg, Germany. Deep lyrics about personal struggles, the unsatisfying situation, the feeling of getting tricked by the world, and a f*** 9to5 mentality are not rare to find.

With that pure and honest Hardcore/Punk attitude and the kicking groovy Slope sound. They created their own style and killed stages on festivals like Ieper Fest, Sound of Revolution or Outbreak Festival and shared stages with bands like Madball, Turnstile, Cold World, Code Orange, Terror, No Warning, just to name a few.

The intend behind their Music is to make people move and let go of all struggles. Combining funky groovy riffs with hard pissed off stomps. Slope created their own way of writing Songs , no obstacles no limits just doin it the way they want it to be in a way of disrespecting all rules.

2014 Helix EP - Backbite Records
2017 Losin‘Grip EP - BDHW Records

2021 Slope is set to release their debut LP "STREET HEAT" an explosive bundle of harsh and funky tunes that make you smile and insane at the same time. Recorded at Level 3 Studios and teamed up once again with BDHW RECORDS. 

This is the sponge that sucked up the gutter.




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