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Are they completely nuts?! Their last album 'Never Meant to Last' already indicated the immense potential still slumbering in the colossus RYKER'S, now the time seems to come to unleash the beast.

A concentrated primordial power, which one gets to hear (...and see) more and more rarely from supposed 'hardcore' acts lately, is clenched around one's ears with brute intensity thanks to the once again brilliant Andy Classen production.

The Beginning... doesn't know the end!' - The title is program, would have expected that RYKER'S after more than 25 years are still able to top the fantastic previous albums?!

RYKER'S 2019 have now really thrown all their shackles overboard and merge in a stylish change of flawless 80s Thrash Metal and rough Old School grenades with wonderful melody arcs and the omnipresent NYHC street dog charm to a very own unit, with which the deserved reputation of the 'flagship of the European hardcore' is impressively underpinned.

Newcomer Steve Römhild seems to be obviously feeling comfortable and contributes a lot to the 'new' RYKER'S sound. Brutal, staccato- guitars (The End Justifies the Means) suit the ex-Erosion fighter from the far north just as well as melodic hook lines, partly reminiscent of 'The Offspring'. Bassist Chris works his bass, in the best Harley Flanagan manner, like a declared mortal enemy and, together with drummer Flo, forms an urban-brutal rhythm carpet that inspires frontman Dennis to undreamt-of performances. The brilliant and effective leads of Fusel masterfully round off the fresh and dynamic sounding overall work.

Lyrically, the quintet shows itself once again mature and reflects themes like life (No Matter What) and death (Cast in Stone) or in a cynical-sarcastic way, the beloved HC scene (Let's Ruin The Scene) and the state of a broken society.

Another highlight in the RYKER'S catalogue, which proves impressively that this band obviously can't stop anything and is also able in 2019 to shake 14 (!!!) contemporary, relevant hardcore hits out of their sleeves, which all have what it takes to become classics.

An illustrious and interesting guest list proves that RYKER'S have nothing to do with a 'blinker mentality'.

After Madball and Sick Of It All presented in 2018, RYKER'S impressively show how timeless hardcore 2019 can, should and must sound. Fresh, dynamic, strong!!!!


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