A.D is the bands first EP following the success of their two albums, and marks the bands intentions to uppercut their place in the hardcore scene and to move away from classic cliches and stereotypes, push the boundaries of their musical landscape, and to not lose their puritan hardcore inspirations and roots. More industrial, bigger production, new influences…the Parisians have taken the move of incorporating styles new to their pack. A.D is the past, present and future of the entrenched codes of metal and metalcore, for the bands only perspective is to look ahead to what hasn’t been already done, and grab that opportunity by the throat.

Expressing a wider creative freedom and an authentic risk-taking, A.D testify a will to go further into melody and the break of tone. A real turning point in their discography that foreshadow the future path taken by WOLFPACK.

Sharp, undulating guitars are a staple of the band, but on Tapeworm, they show their affirmation for the love of a guttural and mephistophelian bass sound. It will also be the first chance that their fans will have to see a video release from the EP, cementing their image of direct and efficient visual aesthetics.