Ryker’s welcome back Kid-D. !

United & Strong – what belongs together is finally coming back together!

Ah, f**k the long-winded build-up – KID-D. is back!!!
We are currently experiencing very strange times indeed and it seems no one can really deny that the last 1.5 years have had an effect on us humans and our personal environments, whether we noticed the changes happening or not. Spatial distance, a lack of human interaction, developments in people’s private lives and, yes, of course, the absence of in-person encounters often led to dissonances which ended up developing a momentum all their own.
As complicated as this all sounds, it will make sense to many of you. To get to the point, Dennis has decided to leave the band. We’d like to thank Dennis for a good time during which we carried the Kassel-Hardcore flag together and wish our friend and his family only the best for the future. And now we’re even more excited to welcome our ‘lost brother’ and my personal partner in crime back to the family. You missed him, we missed him, I missed him. And so we’re putting back together what belongs together!!!

Welcome back KID-mf***-D.