DAGGER THREAT “Weltschmerz” CD



“The world events of the past years result in an inner war that cannot be won. Constantly new conflicts arise and one’s own self has not the slightest chance to escape from them, let alone to bring about a change. What remains is an inner imprisonment in a spiral of exhaustion, melancholy, and powerlessness that one can’t seem to break through.”

What started in an impressive way with “Gestaltzerfall” three years ago, DAGGER THREAT now continue on their new album. On “Weltschmerz” the quintet from Hamburg make use of the musical extremes from hardcore, death to nu metal and fuses them in perfection. The eleven new tracks are peppered with samples and sound effects and result in the sum of an intense, schizophrenic mix that captivates from the beginning to its finale and was powerfully produced and recorded in the Level3Entertainment Studios by Dominic Paraskevopoulos.

That bands like SLIPKNOT, DEFTONES or STATIC-X up to GOJIRA or LEFT BEHIND served as musical inspiration can be heard unmistakably from songs like “Jaded” or “Riven By Grief“. Nevertheless, on “Weltschmerz” DAGGER THREAT manage to make their crossover sound so haunting and unpredictable like hardly any other band in the extreme cosmos at the moment.

Lyrically every individual track deepens in a kind of depressive state, in which the idea of a world does not correspond to the actual state of the environment, which runs like a common thread through “Weltschmerz”.

What DAGGER THREAT have created on their second BDHW Records release is a gripping, gloomy work that absorbs the negativity of the now and sets it to music with heavy and bloodcurdling elements of metal and hardcore.

1. Prologue
2. Jaded
3. Scum Will Rise
4. Wither
5. Cynic
6. Interlude
7. Faint
8. Riven By Grief
9. Unrest
10. Epilogue
11. Hard To Breathe

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