HELLSENT “no truth” CD


Dark metallic hardcore from Erie PA, featuring past and present members of xRepresentx and Domestic War.
Formed in the summer of 2011, Hellsent sought out to write slightly more edgy, thrashy hardcore than the bands that most of the members were a part of. 5 songs were written throughout the next year, and the band played a few local and out of town shows before deciding to take it to the studio and solidify their sound.
Hellsent’s “No Truth” EP is a dark, heavy, angry view of the world through the vocalists eyes, displaying a hatred for the social norms that have become commonplace in the mainstream media and common every day life, most notably outlined in the song “No Control”. Other lyrical themes include corruption of the church, distrust/paranoia, political coverups, as well as your typical heartbreak and backstabbing numbers.

Musically the band tries to stay true to its roots of heavy late 90’s/early 00’s hardcore without completely ripping it off, with numerable faster circle pit parts, groovy breakdowns that steer away from the bland generic “open chug” mosh parts common in metalcore of yesterday, while trying to keep the songs fresh and keep you guessing with numerable pace and riff changes throught each song.

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