RUCKUS (USA) “human pollution” CD



Hardcore played in the form of both our fore-fathers and our peers. This is for real one of the coolest and meanest Cds
I had in my hands for month.

Human Pollution Review
by Tremblay at
“The south has brought us another good band. Ruckus from Los Angeles, California are at full speed ahead with a sound that seems to have been lost over the years. They are doing a sound that’s very loud and brutal, similar to what I hate to categorize in the tough guy or beatdown hardcore section. I was blasting the first 2 songs they put out on their myspace, and I was hooked. When I first heard their guitar tone, I knew that they have been influenced by a lot of Hardcore metallic bands like All Out War, Merauder and most of the mid 90′ bands out of Jersey like E-town, Second To None and Fury of Five (they also recorded a cover of Taste the Steel.) If you’re into pushing weights, getting ignorant at shows, jail tattoos and Slayer, this has your name on it.

01. true testament
02. purge
03. song of self
04. the frontlines
05. fools die
06. matanbuchus
07. taste the steel

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