DEAD MAN’S CHEST “violent days” CD



London’s metallic / hardcore heavyweights DMC return with their 2nd full-length album Violent Days on BDHW Rec. This will be the band’s heaviest, darkest, and most complex material to date! Violent Days sees the band sounding more raw and visceral than ever. Down-tuned feedback-driven Slayer-esque riffs and bludgeoning CRO-MAGS rhythms combined with new vocalist Martin’s distorted, brutal growls to create DMC’s signature blend of hardcore, metal and punk.Violent Days is the sound of a band that has spent over 10 years brewing an anger that will leave you wanting to crush and confront the negativity of human existence head on!

Guestparts by:
Scott (Terror)
Heath (Stampin’ Ground)
Anthony (Integrity)
Jorge (Merauder)
Carl (First Blood)
Rick (100 Demons)

01. Disavowed A.D.
02. Burden To Bear
03. Insufferable
04. Beneath The Bones Of The World
05. Dark Sky Elysium
06. A Long Way Gone
07. Embracing The Unknown
08. Red Hills
09. Omens of Man
10. Our Most Violent Days

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