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Enemy Minds new full album “No Safe Place” is the kind of album we need in 2017.
Keywords like groove-drive-hardcore-passion come to mind 110% ! It has those touches of bands like Dying Fetus and they bring it and back it up to the fullest ! We were all waiting for this kinda band: That type of groovy influences with more of a technical guitar style which they bring to a very great end.
This unique anger, this aggression level upgrade is ready to crush skulls, bones and stages all over the world. The song structures they present are made to be different and constantly shifting.

Their lyrics have themes of overall hopelessness of life, rather different than your regular beatdown style themes. The vocal approach is the most aggressive sound that they’ve ever done, which gives the whole album an upgrade of variety.
Refreshing the aggression we all have & breathe.
An outlet we all can understand .
Release the inner demon.
Enemy Mind rises!

01. The Ending
02. Giving up
03. It Just Gets worse
04. Unlearn Purpose
05. Word to God
06. The Weight of Guilt
07. Dead Wrong
08. Cross The Line
09. The Time That Passed

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